fire service tribute ride

A cross-country bike ride to respect, remember and honor all fallen firefighters

Update from Wheeling, WV

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Things are going well, and the trip is almost finished.  I’ve been on the road 55 days, and have just 7 more days of riding.  Everything is on track with the timeline to NYC, and I am excited to get to the east coast.

Michigan and Ohio were great stops, and I really enjoyed getting to meet with family and friends.  I think in Columbus I had the best group of riders yet – my brother Scott, nephew Ben (13), nephew Alex (8), sister Jenny and neice Carleigh (4) on the back of her bike.  We all got to visit the Genoa Township, OH fire station, and the kids enjoyed their station tour.  After that we had a fun ride on the bike trails, and Alex just loved weaving left and right, left and right.  When Scott and I got to the Columbus fire station the on-duty firefighter asked my brother “You mean to tell me you’ve been biking all across the country in chuck taylors!?”  Luckily Scott only had to go 40 miles that day, so he said “I biked from Lewis Center to Columbus in chuck taylors!”

All the firefighters thus far on the trip have been terrific.  Everyone is very helpful, and they make sure I am all set for the day’s trip when I leave the stations in the morning.  It is an incredible opportunity to get to daily see different firefighters all across the country supporting this trip and the great fire service.

Time has been sort of funny on this trip.  On one hand I feel like I just left the west yesterday, and on the other hand I feel as if I have been gone for 6 months or longer.  I have also been getting a kick out of the changing terrain across the country.  When I started the trip the corn stalks were all just about knee high – know the stalks tower over me!  A few of the leaves on the trees are falling, and pretty soon the different colors of red, yellow and orange will start shooting out.  I’m excited to see more of it as I travel.

That’s all I have tonight.  Good night.


One thought on “Update from Wheeling, WV

  1. Hey Jeff,
    You’re almost there! Glad to read that you are enjoying the sights and are in great spirits. What a book this will make when you’re done. We all are thinking about you and wishing you a safe journey on the days you have left of cross country riding!
    Aunt Chrissy and family

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